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It’s not like your phone, where anyone can get onto it and look at the contents.” Lorelai said she had once sent a naked picture to her (now ex) boyfriend, and regretted it after their breakup.Later, she wished she had not sent the picture, partially because she included her face in the photo.Laws vary from state to state, but teenagers who have sent or received photos of themselves or others have been charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.Instead, Mary said, she was most worried about being caught in the act by a parent or a friend.“I feel like on Skype, the other person is more involved, and less likely to take a snapshot,” she said.“If I sent something via text, if someone has an i Phone they could just click ‘save’.” Sarah said she had never exchanged naked pictures of herself, and didn’t plan on ever doing so.

“You assume that you can’t really record on Skype, unless you have some sort of special program, so in general it’s a safer thing.

“It comes back when you review the relationship,” she said.

“You can’t actually trust someone that much.” Though Sarah feels safe using Skype, she will not have virtual sex with just anyone — her willingness depends upon the relationship.

“I’d be studying and Skyping him, and then…” Lorelai trailed off.

Sometimes, she said, her boyfriend would begin watching pornography while the two Skyped, making his desire for sex obvious, but other times, sex would result from Lorelai’s attraction to her boyfriend.

“I knew that no one would actually do that,” Mary said.